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Solar Inverters

We have a wide range of quality Solar Energy Inverters of different companies. Grid Connect String and Micro-inverter technology, both technologies are available. The brands available are, SMA, ABB, BOSCH and FRONIUS.

Solar Panels

We have a wide range of high-quality solar panels of different companies. Includes both PV Solar Panels, Grid connects solar panels from 250watt up to 327watt. The brands available are SunPower, Trina Solar, SolarWorld and Q-Cells.

Solar Hot Water

We have a wide range of high-quality Solar Hot water Systems of different companies. Heat pump systems, thermo-syphon technology, and evacuated tube, are available here. The brands available are StiebelEltron, Rinnai, and Apricus.

Energy Storage

We have a wide range of high-quality Energy storage units of different companies. Stand alone off grid battery technology, and hybrid grid connects storage are available. The brands available are ABB, BOSCH, SMA, FRONIUS, SONNENSCHEIN and TESLA POWER WALL will be available soon.

Here are some additional residential and commercial products that you can get from us on special order, these includes Inverters, solar panels, Energy Storage Solutions, Batteries charger, solar backpack, solar cell phone charger, strawberry tree, solar chimney, solar calculator, solar power waste compacting bin, solar cooker, solar dryer, solar power fan, solar furnace, solar lamp, solar powered flashlight, solar powered calculator, solar power desalination unit, solar powered pump, , solar air conditioning, solar powered watch, solar powered laser, solar spark lighter, and Solar Hot Water.