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Solar Hot Water

Super Solar Power offers a range of quality solar products to share shoulders with you in making environment safe and healthy. We proudly support sustainable and green energy projects and therefore offer all equipment that can make you comfortable with cost effectiveness and lavishness of cheap and durable energy source. We provide durable and reliable solar hot water systems to ease your life and enjoy you the seasonal fluctuations. We have full insight about your investment while moving for solar hot water systems and therefore make sure your lasting comfort by our excellent range of solar hot water units.

Solar Power
Solar Power

Super Solar Power also takes the pride of offering technologically perfect and latest, quality solar hot water systems for wide applications. Our variety of hot water systems include closed couple systems with thermal arrestors with automatic switching. Ready to be installed on roof, split systems coupled with evacuated tube collectors made up of borosilicate glass are available and offer high toughness and efficiency. Very affordable and effective water heat pumps are also the part of company’s profile and these systems are known for using least energy. These systems acquire natural and ambient atmosphere’s thermal energy and utilize it to warm the water inside the tank making your life easy.

The one big advantage our tier I and tier II hot water systems offer is the saving of greenhouse emissions and relatively simple working. Two types of collectors are used inside the hot water systems usually. One is flat plate collectors and others are evacuated tubes. Electrical and gas boosters also work with the systems. Quality systems are known for saving up to 75% of the home’s water heating costs.

All of our products ensure a comfortable life for you with reliability and quality. Go ahead for a relaxed lifestyle with Super Solar Power and enjoy a long time investment.

Solar Power
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