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Solar Inverters

Solar energy and has revolutionized our living style and now different solar appliances have become a permanent choice instead of typical electrical supply. The effectiveness of solar appliances and economic output of solar energy has made up people’s minds to shift for this environmentally friendly energy resource. With increase consumption and mindset towards solar systems, a variety of equipment has been designed to meet up residential and commercial energy requirements. One such facilitating device to trap and make a useful form of sun energy is the solar inverter. To feed home compliances, solar inverters convert battery’s Direct Current into the alternative current. Inverters are power conversion devices with the ability to either self-excitation or external excitation ability.


Super solar power is the most reliable name in installing and providing a world class quality range of solar inverters. All of our inverters undergo vigorous in-house testing because we are concerned about your precious investment you make to buy these things. Therefore, we offer excellent and featured brands which use top quality materials in making these compliances. We offer string inverters with the unique quality of bringing down up to 600 volts to a single string inverter.

Latest technology of grid connect, micro-inverter under each solar panel with a quality feature of converting up to 45 volts to 250 volts AC, is now at your doorstep with Super Solar Power. Choose from our multiple and excellent micro-inverter range to make your electricity bills low.

24/7 solar energy supplies are no more a dream. Super solar power also has latest and top quality hybrid energy storage systems for our worthy clients. These units perfectly match for residential energy supplies, and these inverters are available with us from reputable inverter brands. Based on output waveform types, solar inverters within the company has been categorized as a sine wave, step wave, and square wave inverters and ensured to provide according to client’s needs. These inverters from sound brands make less noise, low distortion and fewer interfaces with radio communication devices.

The company does possess battery charging inverters that effectively convert AC and DC powers to low battery powers. When less solar power is available, these inverters work backward converting stored energy into usable AC voltages. Our motto is to satisfy our customers with utmost quality services and products and therefore whatever we showcase, is of original brand and with excellent features. The best choice for lasting, durable, effective and economical solar compliances is Super Solar Power, and we look forward to proffering brilliance.

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