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Terms & Conditions

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Super Solar Power is a leading name in designing, installing and providing quality solar driven instruments. The company fully supports the green energy and encourages people to shift for renewable sources of energy production. We pride ourselves on quality and careful services and offer clients with excellence and durability.

Super Solar Power ensures quality and robust installations and clarifies the process of installation and buying solar systems as:

  1. You willingly buy the solar system from Super Solar Power and abide by all conditions mentioned by Company. You agree to allow Company to install a solar system at your property and agree to be bound by agreement’s terms and conditions.
  2. Price quoted by us is inclusive of all supplies, installation costs and often With GST.
  3. The quote is valid for the period mentioned in agreement unless otherwise stated.
  4. A 10-15% advance deposit is payable after placing an order. Outstanding is payable after completion of the installation project.
  5. Electricity distributors charge for fee and fee for installation of solar meters. This fee is payable directly to distributors and is exclusive of the price quoted for the solar system.
  6. Outstanding installation fee for the solar system is payable in a time limit mentioned on acceptance form. Additional charges may incur if a balance remains unpaid for mentioned limit. Credit card payments are subject to credit card fee. Payments can also be made clear by cash.
  7. You authorize Super Solar Power to connect installed solar units to the electricity grid or will arrange for the connection to the grid.
  8. You warrant that you are the legal owner of your property and authorize to accept the agreement form. Moreover, you sign all the documents required by Super Solar Power to install the system at your property.
  9. You yourself are responsible for all local government law arrangements and declare that Super Solar Power is not responsible for any breach of law and planning regulations.
  10. Ownership rights will be immediately transferred after completion of all documentation required by Super Solar Power.
  11. Any associated risk with solar system passes to you after ownership rights have been transferred.
  12. You agree to sign to authorize Super Solar Power to apply for Renewable Energy Certificates and Company does not warrant any grant or credit to create the rights that you request.
  13. Super Solar Power may terminate the agreement if you fail to comply with all terms and conditions.